Our body undergoes daily changes based on the circadian rhythm. These are the changes that follow a daily cycle, which regulates the complex mechanisms of our body, from body temperature to hormone release. Knowing the natural rhythms of our body is the best way to keep it healthy.

Even the skin has its own rhythm, its internal clock, with a peak of vitality during the night, when the capacity of regeneration and proliferation of epidermal stem cells is at its maximum. Therefore, the skin is more vulnerable during the day as it is subject to pollution, UVs, stress and dehydration.

To maximize the beauty routine efficacy, it is essential to use products that work strictly with the natural defenses of the skin. For this reason, it is important to use the right cosmetic product at the right time of day not only to give the skin what it needs but also to emulate the circadian rhythms that influence the skin’s ability to absorb active ingredients. Use detoxifying, revitalizing and rebalancing creams at night while during the day use hydrating creams (because the concentration of the factor that holds water is at its highest).

The Enzo Rinalducci 24 cosmetic line was created from revolutionary research carried out in our laboratories on the physiological mechanisms of the skin and also from the passion that has always guided us. It consists of products enriched with the newest multifunctional active ingredients to support the natural rhythms of the skin and to meet its specific needs at any time. It is a real beauty ritual composed of complementary products that work together with the body’s natural defenses to maximize results and act 24 hours a day to counteract ageing and visibly improve the skin. It is a cosmetic line studied in laboratory but aimed at the specific needs of the skin.




Modern cosmetic strategies are focused on fighting skin aging and relaxation using prevention as the most effective means against the signs of aging. Aging process is a physiological phenomenon that involves whole organism and can be accelerated by stress, environmental pollution or poor diet. However, recent studies demonstrate the influence of circadian rhythm, our internal clock, that not only governs mood, energy levels or hormones release but also skin health.
In the morning, for example, the concentration of Natural Moisturizing Factor (that retains water) is at its maximum but, at the same time, skin is also more sensitive to inflammation, that’s why it is essential to use ingredients that keep the skin hydrated and help to protect from irritative stress.
At night, instead, the skin is called to repair the damage caused by UV rays, pollution or environmental stress thus reaching its peak of activity. For this reason, it needs products with revitalizing and regenerating actives that help cellular turn-over. Choosing actives that stimulate the skin during the different hours of the day and collaborate to deal with external aggressions is, together with a healthy life, the best prevention against premature aging.

In our laboratories, we have studied for a long time the physiological mechanisms of the skin in order to applying them to chrono-cosmetics because we want our products to work in synergy with natural defenses of the skin to maximize results, considering also that circadian rhythms influence skin ability to absorb active ingredients. The Enzo Rinalducci 24 cosmetic line was born from these studies and from the passion that always leads us, the ideal ally for an extremely targeted beauty routine.

24 Highly hydrating daily cream consists of actives capable of hydrating the skin, reducing irritative processes and working on wrinkles and expression lines: hyaluronic acid binds water molecules keeping the skin hydrated for a long time; caffeine, with energizing properties and acting on blood circulation, awakens the skin making it brighter, fresher and vital; PCA Sodium Salt, with remarkable moisturizing properties, is found in the composition of the Natural Moisturizing Factor; trehalose, by virtue of its structure, forms a thin film that protects the skin from cold, pollution and dehydration; bisabolol, with soothing properties, inhibits and calms redness, also carrying out a depigmenting action; extract from olive leaves, with Zinc PCA and Vitamin C, increases cell turnover and fibroblasts activity; Vitamin E, powerful antioxidant, blocks free radicals reactivity by counteracting premature aging caused by UV rays, smoke and pollution which also cause loss of skin elasticity and wrinkle formation; palmitoyl tripeptide-5, a next-generation bioactive oligopeptide, mimics growth factors naturally present in our body and induces TGF-β cytokine which leads to the synthesis of collagen densifying the dermis, hydrating and making it more elastic.

24 Deep Regeneration Night Cream was created to nourish and regenerate the skin during the night, to intensively support and reshape facial features by stimulating proteoglycans synthesis that give resistance to collagen fibers. It has a dense but not greasy texture, rich of precious active ingredients: ceramide III, lipid barrier constituent, promotes skin elasticity, its integration is essential because it gradually decreases with age; tripeptide tetradecyl aminobutiroylvalilaminobutiric urea trifluoroacetate, last generation peptide, with remodeling and firming effect, stimulates hyaluronan natural production and collagen fibrils biosynthesis; snail slime, concentrate of nutrients such as allantoin, elastin, collagen, glycolic acid and vitamins, confers regenerating, exfoliating and antioxidant activities; jojoba oil, with a composition similar to human sebum, is rich in natural antioxidants together with antimicrobial activity; lactobionic acid promotes cell renewal with a marked antioxidant, repairing and healing action; rosa moschata oil, with proven anti-aging effect, rich in vitamin C and essential fatty acids, promotes renewal while maintaining elasticity; escin, detoxifying, promotes microcirculation by conferring a vasoprotective action.

As a complement, we have formulated 24 Plumping Face Serum and Eye & Lip contour smoothing cream. The serum, with a fresh and delicately scented consistency, is a boost of energy for the skin with immediate results. By combining high concentration hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan, it hydrates and plumps strengthening from the inside, where the cells are most receptive. The result is a brighter and uniform skin, practically transformed, along with the attenuation of wrinkles and expression lines. The Eye & Lip contour smoothing cream acts on the delicate area of ​​the eye and lip contour which is thus more compact. The look appears smoother and more uniform thanks to the deep hydration that brings new expressiveness and brightness. Given its highly tolerable formula, it is the ideal beauty complement even in the case of sensitive eyes.

Finally, since beauty continues beyond the face, the line is completed with 24 neck and décolleté firming cream with active ingredients capable of toning and remodeling the skin from the inside, countering loss of tone due to the decrease of hyaluronan and to the loss of strength of collagen fibers that naturally occurs with age. In particular, the key active tripeptide of this cream (tetradecyl aminobutiroilvalilaminobutiric urea trifluoroacetate), acts as a real filler, increasing the natural synthesis of hyaluronan and reorganizing collagen fibers strengthening. The tightening and compacting effect is guaranteed. The application with massages that go down from the chin to the neck and décolleté will become a pleasant and essential ritual, a daily pampering.

What has been described so far, is valid for both women and men who have nowadays acquired a new sensitivity and love taking care of themselves paying more attention to the beauty routine. The Enzo Rinalducci 24 cosmetic line has also thought of men, creating products tailored to their skin, which is rougher and thicker. 24 MAN High performance face cream, leaving matt finish and penetrating quickly, provides intense hydration throughout the day, counteracting signs of aging and stress factors such as shaving, atmospheric agents, pollution and UVs. Together with snail slime, jojoba oil and vitamin E, we have chosen actives able to make skin more resilient, firmer and toned: taurine, responsible for the regulation and stabilization of water in the epidermis helping the skin to withstand external attacks (thermal shock, shaving, etc.); Shea butter, emollient and moisturizing, is a precious anti-wrinkle and anti-aging ally since it gives skin elasticity and firmness; panthenol, with an emollient, soothing and anti-inflammatory action, provides deep hydration by quickly penetrating into the skin and making it immediately softer; betaine, suitable for the most sensitive skin, has a moisturizing and softening effect; urea, by helping in detaching dead cells, promotes regeneration leaving the skin smooth and renewed. Next to the face cream, we have created a specific eye contour cream for men, because it is light, quickly absorbed and suitable for the delicate eye contour area. 24 MAN anti-aging eye contour cream is the ideal aid to counteract under eye wrinkles and bags, first visible signs of aging due to the loss of elasticity. Its selected actives revitalize and energize the under eye skin bringing nourishment and hydration by working synergistically to obtain visible results. In addition to betaine, trehalose, bisabolol we have choosen a specific synthetic peptide (Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminobutyroyl Hydroxythreonine, Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminohydroxybutyrate) which improves firmness reducing the signs of aging leaving a smoother skin and beta- glucan, a polysaccharide of natural origin that stimulates immune system cells by increasing natural defenses, soothing and protecting against irritation.

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To maximize beauty routine efficacy, it is essential to use products that work strictly with the natural defenses of the skin.

For this reason, it is important choosing cosmetics specific for the various phases of the day not only to give the skin what it needs but also because circadian rhythms influence skin’s ability to absorb active ingredients.

Hence, use detoxifying, revitalizing and rebalancing creams at night while during the day prefer hydrating creams since the concentration of the factor that holds water is at its highest.


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Perfume is an important beauty accessory that shows personality and identity.
It evokes memories and bonds and comes back to mind when tied to important moments in life.


ER 55 MAN is designed for a self-confident man who does not back dawn from a challenge but deals with problems because he is not afraid to act or dream big.


ER 55 Woman speaks of femininity and elegance, with floral and citrus notes that over time leave space for white musk, talc and vanilla.

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